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Stone Mantles in custom sizes 

Mantels of Stone is providing exclusive custom-made stone products, we have become an industry leader by our ability to respond to virtually all consumer demands. All of our mantels are crafted by true artisans using old-world techniques. Whether you prefer a piece with elaborate detail or clean lines, we have an extensive selection of many cast stone fireplace mantels from classical to contemporary styles, in a wide variety of finishes, colors and sizes to suit every taste and décor. You can choose from 12 finishes including Cast Stone, a textured surface, Diamond Stone, a smooth texture with reflective crystals, or Honed a highly reflective, smooth finish that magnifies the stone's natural appearance by illuminating the vibrant colors. For those who admire a more distinctive appearance, we offer Steel Mill accents that are created using a process of various liquid metals poured into beautifully handcrafted molds.

We became the industry leader by our ability to respond to virtually all consumer demands.  Along with our standard line of cast stone mantels, which are fully versatile and can be adjusted or modified as required,  we can help by providing  unique custom-made “one of a kind” pieces. 


We are staffed with over 20 skilled artisans and dedicated employees who are always more than willing to collaborate in order to create that “timeless, unique” piece.


Even if you don’t order from us, the knowledge you gain could save you from making a costly mistake elsewhere


we are eager to discuss your envisioned fireplace and the multiple possibilities to upgrade.


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