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Gas Inserts

        No more drafty fireplaces! Save money by turning down your furnace and zone heatingwith a Gas Insert. Enjoy consistent, controllable heat even during power outages. Addvalue and efficiency to your home with one of our gas inserts. 

If your home has an existing masonry or metal fireplace, there are easy and attractiveways to spark new life into it. Our gas fireplace inserts fit into almost any traditionalfireplace opening to instantly transform it into a warm and entertaining centerpiece.


Both the Burnt American Oak and Split Burnt American Oak logs in the new Real Fyre® Direct Vent Gas Insert are molded from an exclusive new proprietary fiber-based refractory ceramics mixture that’s lightweight, durable and glows like an actual burning wood log.

  • Large viewing area showcases fire to entire room
  • Adjustable heat output in Natural Gas or Propane*
    D1-25: 13,500 to 20,000 BTU’s -Natural Gas 16,000 to 20,000 BTU’s – Propane
    D1-30: 10,000 to 32,000 BTU’s- Natural Gas 11,000 to 31,000 BTU’s – Propane
    D1-36: 12,000 to 38,000 BTU’s- Natural Gas 13,000 to 36,000 BTU’s – Propane
  • Specialty crafted Real Fyre Burnt American Oak or Split Burnt American Oak Logs with dancing flames and glowing embers closely simulate a real wood fire
  • Electronic Ignition system with battery backup-saves energy and will operate in a power failure
  • Accent light highlights logs with or without the fire on
  • High performance 125 CFM blower distributes heat quickly and quietly

Models available in either a 3 or 4 sided surrounded with either Split Burnt Oak or Burnt American Oak log set.

*There are dual burners (front and back) on D1-30 and D1-36 models that allow greater heat adjustment with rear burner shut down; D1-25 models use single burner

Turn your fireplace into an efficient gas heater without losing the look of a real hearth. Nothing brings family and friends together like the beauty and warmth of a fire. The Real Fyre® gas insert combines dancing flames and glowing embers for the look of a wood fire with the convenience and efficiency of a modern gas heater. Three sizes fit most masonry or factory-built fireplaces. Direct-vent “sealed combustion” technology lets you turn down your central heating system and “zone heat” just the room you’re in. With the Fyrestarter™ hand held remote, flame and heat adjustments, thermostatic operations, or full control of the quiet yet powerful blower can all be done from the comfort of your easy chair. An accent light lets you showcase the beautiful detail of the specially crafted Burnt American Oak or Split Burnt American Oak gas logs whether the fire is on or off. So gather ‘round the fire with a Real Fyre® gas insert and start enjoying your fireplace again!

The new Real Fyre contemporary gas insert turns your fireplace into an efficient sealed combustion direct vent gas heater with the modern look and convenience of today’s glass media gas fires. Two sizes (D2-25 and D2-30) fit most masonry and factory-built fireplaces. A large unobstructed glass viewing area showcases dancing flames coming through Fyre Glass or Fyre Gems and reflected in the black porcelain firebox. An energy saving electronic ignition system with battery back-up lights the fire even in a power failure. With the Fyrestarter hand held remote control, flame and heat adjustments, thermostatic operations, on/off accent light or full control of the quiet 125 CFM blower can all be done from the comfort of your easy chair.

  •  Black porcelain back and side walls reflect fire to entire    room
  • Adjustable heat output in Natural Gas or Propane models
  • Wide selection of Fyre Glass and Fyre Gems modern glass media
  • Accent light highlights firebox interior with or without a fire on
  • High performance 125 CFM blower distributes heat quickly and quietly
  • Mesh barrier screen helps prevent contact with hot glass
  • Choose from 3-sided or 4-sided surrounds depending on your application


  • Unique design with hidden side-mounted controls for a seamless appearance.
  • Aluminum surround offers a custom built-in fireplace look.
  • Angled burner design extends down to the hearth for a true fireplace look and delivers large, natural-looking flames.
  • Hand-painted log set is cast from real wood


  • Includes a standard orifice kit that allows the insert to be installed with a choice of heat outputs - 33,000 or 40,000 BTUs.
  • 155-CFM convection blower delivers circulation for even heating.

Ease of Operation

  • Installs into an average sized 36"W x 21-1/2"H x 16”D factory-built fireplace opening.
  • 50% turndown valve allows for adjustable heat and flame height.

Design Versatility

  • Three- and four-sided surrounds, available in two sizes, match unique style preferences and installation needs.
  • Three distinctive brick liner patterns allow you to create the perfect look and feel.
  • Optional remote control provides added convenience.

Sit back and relax with one of our Remote Control thermostats. Tend your fire.... from your armchair.